Wednesday, November 07, 2007

television star!

hello Bury fans!

i’d just like to say thank you to Bury midfielder Byron Barry-Murphy who got me a couple of free tickets to a forthcoming away game. it’s not often that I get to go to an away match (unless Weymouth on TV last year counts) so I’d like to say thank you to Byron, who is unquestionably Bury’s best midfielder and without a doubt the best player to grace the club’s shirt in the history of our club. and what a history. i’ll always remember that free-kick I saw him score on Shakers World during the 3-1 win at Swansea City when David Nugent and Dane Bowers also scored. it was certainly the best ever free-kick scored and reason alone to include him in the side forever more allowing him to pick up his appearance bonuses and feed the girls he lets sleep over.

i’ve also managed to get some free tickets to a Northern Ireland Under 21 game from one of his friends, Mavis.

being a busy student you may be surprised to hear that I do find time during the day to watch a bit of the popular ‘Jeremy Kyle show’ which is a man who sits and shouts at scrubber families who have decided to air all their dirty underwear on national TV. sometimes they even choose who the father of a child is by simply picking a name out of an envelope.

many months ago I wrote to the popular ‘Jeremy Kyle show’ and asked if they would like me to be the first Nigerian to ever be shown on television, especially on the popular ‘Jeremy Kyle show’. to my surprise they wrote back telling me that they’d love me to tell my story of hardship back home and that they may even have a surprise or two up their sleeves for me! i told them it couldn’t have been that Sharon from Radcliffe who I met in Sol one night was going to have my child because I only did anal with her.

anyway, I had a great time and here is a short transcript from the show: -

Jeremy: Hello, this is Rudi Odebayo, a 26 year old student living in Manchester. Where are you originally from Rudi?

Rudi: Nigeria.

so as you can see it was shaping up to be a great episode! so watch it next week and just wait and see what happens at the end when I’m introduced to my goat bothering brother Obi who I thought had been dead for eight years! he’s still a knob though no matter what Jeremy says.

good luck Bury fans!

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