Friday, October 26, 2007

the future's bright, the future's Radcliffe?

hello Bury fans!

i am delighted Chris Casper and Keith Alexandria have turned things around for this famous old club and we won twice at Rochdale within a few days! obviously that wouldn’t usually be something to brag about but nobody takes the p**s out of a revolution like Bury do! still, I’m pleased that our neighbours have been able to celebrate something during their centenary/revolution year with a 2-1 win at Grimsby. so the signs are good that they’ll be able to enjoy another moderate campaign.

i remember once when local rebels tried to take control of my village back in Nigeria but we defended ourselves by claiming that ALL of the female population had slept with at least one guy from Radcliffe. they turned around in horror and drove their tanks and goats out of town.

you may have been wondering where I have been recently? well of course returning to university in my final year has been extremely tiring and busy. it is hard work moving pot noodles off my bed and reading Shakers MSN text service messages about Lee Bullock whilst doggy styling some freshers totty.

still, I have managed to have some fun in recent weeks. i met a girl at a fairground who looked a bit like Dawn French. she was sat in a little tent. she told me she had a special skill and was training to be a medium. i said by the looks of it you’ve got a long way to go. you’ve got to be a size 16 at least?“ “I knew you were going to say that” she replied.

she did however tell me that we would be taken over by a magnet. that’ll make us a force to be reckoned with.

i heard that former Shaker Dave Esdaile is planning a takeover of the club and billionaire Dean Handyman is going to buy us some new players in January. also I heard that we may be moving to a new purpose built stadium (2500 capacity) in an unnamed area of Bury (probably Radcliffe).

good luck Bury fans!

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