Friday, April 20, 2007

no regrets

hello Bury fans!

it appears that I have again upset a reader of my website with comments I made last week so I will of course apologise but it seems to me, a mere Nigerian, that perhaps a member of a rival charity was trying to detract from my own appeal to selfishly receive all of the money. that isn’t very charitable is it? it should be left to the individuals to make up their minds.

for the record, I regularly support charities and often drop cash into a bucket as I walk through Bury or Manchester on my way to university. sometimes though I ask for a little of it back when I’m on my way back to my student accommodation to pay for bread and the like. i may be a Nigerian but I’ve got to live too.

to show my sympathy for those less fortunate than myself, since I moved to England I have supported the following charities fairly often: -

Cancer Research UK
Meningitis Trust
Children with AIDS Charity
Bury Deaf Children’s Society
Tsunami and Earthquake Area Rebuilding Society
Comic Relief
Sport Relief
Hand Relief (the charity that helps to pair up gloves found left on railings and then donates them to Eskimos)
Blindvoice UK
Save All Tribespeople - Nigerians against vampires’ (SATNAV)
The Brain Damage Research Trust

as the season comes to an end I have begun to dread what could happen to the Shakers. when I first decided to follow them I thought it would be cool to be a fan of a lower league side who would then climb the table and I share in their glory. my friends have asked me if I regret choosing Bury and perhaps it would have been better to follow a team more successful this season such as Manchester United, Chelsea or Macclesfield.

i told them no. my only regrets are losing my virginity to the village whore (she was seeing a goat at the same time as me), throwing my vanilla McDonalds™ milkshake at a group of goths in a cemetary (it was actually a funeral) and pushing a deaf girl out of my way and into oncoing traffic because I thought she was ignoring me. i did say sorry though in hospital but she couldn’t lip read with bandages over her eyes.

i left her some grapes.

good luck Bury fans!

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