Friday, December 01, 2006

run for your life!

hello Bury fans!

now, do not think I am begging here but I am hoping that some of you will support me on this.

i plan to enter the next London marathon and raise some money for some poor families back home in Nigeria which is where I originally came from if you are not aware of this already.

i don’t think many Africans have ran a marathon in England before but I am now thinking about what crazy costume I could wear as I believe that this is obligatory.

perhaps I could wear the Robby the Bobby costume and run around the streets of London in it (during the marathon)? what has happened to this? the first time I saw it was at my first Bury game which was Bury versus Yeovil and we won 3-1 with David Nugent scoring all four goals. he was stood near two chubby girls who perhaps needed to join a gym. one looked like a cheerleader and the other was apparently called Hannah.

i was recently cruising around one night looking for some hoe’s after I discovered that B & Q wasn’t now open after 8PM when I spotted a fat guy with a hairy forehead running around dressed up as a charity bag. i wasn’t expecting to see this during an evening looking for equipment for the university garden but it hit me that perhaps he too was training for the London Marathon? maybe Holcombe Brook is the place to wear silly costumes and run freely without ridicule?

it is great that Bury have seemingly turned the corner and are enjoying some success on the pitch. not only are the team playing well but a local man has played the lottery well too!

back home, my grandfather once won a small prize on the Nigerian lottery and was delighted to receive his reward of two chickens and a cock as well as a green ink Parker pen.

our new local millionaire would be able to help the club out immensely and suggest to Sky that they stop showing rubbish FA Cup replays.

maybe the Hardman who won the money would like to support me too? i’ll nip round to his pub later with some buckets.

actually, can anybody help me out with a spare one?

good luck Bury fans!

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