Thursday, December 21, 2006

fa fools!

hello Bury fans!

i thought things were going well for the Shakers until I heard that we were being thrown out of the FA Cup for fielding an illegitimate player.

this is not allowed back home in Nigeria either. the Nigerian FA set up a mixed sex league but some players ended up pregnant when the games became more physical and the tackles came flying in. for a short while the FA dealt with this problem by ensuring that all the males ejaculated prior to the game commencing. there were some unusual scenes in the dressing rooms let me tell you!

the league was eventually cancelled though because the English FA claimed the rights to it but didn’t succeed in setting up their own version because they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

evidence of this was angrily reported in a Nigerian newspaper when they discovered that the FA had organised a Christmas knees up at a local beer brewers which resulted in one of the female workers ending up the duff. so the FA were just as poor at sorting these things out as their counterparts back in Lagos.

still, the English FA covered this story up by claiming that in fact Newcastle winger Damien Duff’s girlfriend was expecting a child so they weren’t as honest as Bury have been were they?

i am devastated by the news that if the appeal is not successful, the club will not be able to play Ipswich Town in the FA cup. i should add that my Nigerian pen pal Obehi flew over to England especially to watch Bury’s replay against Chester City. he had to sell his farm, his wife and reluctantly his Gameboy Advanced to pay for his plane and match tickets.

so show some sympathy you tight gets. give Obehi his money back (he may be able to afford to return home then as he can’t find a job here as nobody seems to need admin assistants) or put Bury back in the FA cup!

visit here and sign the petition! i have!

good luck Bury fans!

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