Sunday, October 01, 2006

ground floor!

hello Bury fans!

university life is becoming very busy at the moment. people come and go and buzz about without a care in the world for what is going on around them. they are all so focussed on completing their next assignment, handing in library books, sat around a bong smoking cock or registering new students that they wouldn’t have noticed had the only Nigerian on the site got stuck in the lift and remained there for nearly 36 hours with only a bottle of Ribena and some Minstrels to keep him company. how the five of us and all those brass instruments managed to fit into that small space I’ll never know. it was a real racket.

as I knew they wouldn’t believe my reason for why my essay was late I had to make up a new excuse so said that my goat had died. that didn’t work either but they sort of believed it as a health inspector came knocking at the halls of residence asking for a Kriss Akabussi. did they just make that name up or something?

i received an unwanted gift at a student union party and felt that I should perhaps give it away to somebody who may desire such an item. so here is the first ever Odebayo competition!

to win a Metallica t-shirt signed by Terry Wogan just answer the following question: -

which country do I originally come from?

A) Nigeria
B) Norway
C) Nicaragua
D) Nugent
E) Nigeria

it is great that Bury have been picking up points lately as a good result at the weekend always brightens up my week. i went onto the Bury website and printed off a picture of goal scoring Christian Glynn Hurst to put on my wall. i blew it up to A3 size but now it just looks like one of those magic eye pictures. i keep looking at it and keep seeing an image of Winnie Mandela leaping out at me.

Hurst has been a miracle since he joined us and apparently he goes to church every Sunday and prays to God. as long as he keeps praying, we’ll keep on scoring I reckon. i’m a follower of God too (as well as Bury) but he didn’t get me out of that bloody lift did he? i missed a blind date that my friends had set up with me with a supermodel they called Kate Moose.

apparently she’s now on the catering course and plans to bake me a Bury FC themed birthday cake if she doesn’t eat it first! her cooking must be THAT good!

good luck Bury fans!

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