Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rudi returns!

hello Bury fans!

i bet you didn’t think that I’d return did you? neither did i to be honest as I’ve spent most of the summer rummaging through bushes in deepest darkest Nigeria. i did intend to take my laptop to do some essays whilst on the trail of my missing father but the extension cable only managed to go as far as the front door.

shame I didn’t have some other form of contact with home as just five hours after packing by bags and wandering into the woodland he turned up didn’t he. apparently he took a left at the lights rather than a right and was temporarily accused of invading Cameroon.

as I flew back to England during which i suffered the misfortune of burning my face on a complimentary hot towel, I considered my application to the most popular Nigerian football magazine to do the season preview for Bury’s division next season, League 4.

the fourth tier of English football is something that appears to have been overlooked by the best football magazine hitting the newsstands of Lagos. in fact it is the only Nigerian football magazine as the other one changed its focus and became porn/snooker magazine ‘Potting the Black’.

upon my return to England I had received an e-mail from ‘Eagle Soccer’ who said that it would be a good idea to do the preview and encouraged me to increase my contacts with the club and perhaps become the first Nigerian to ever play in the lower divisions of English football.

that, they said, would be an article worth reading and a story that would inspire my fellow Nigerians to believe that they too could one day pay a visit to Spotland on a Tuesday night armed with just a tray of French fries and some handy five pound notes.

good luck Bury fans!

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creempuff said...

i am from a land downunder. i cant beleive you call soccer football.... ;)