Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jesus cometh?

hello Bury fans!

i was thinking about a traditional Nigerian tale this afternoon during a daydreaming session.

a young boy is walking through the jungle when out of the undergrowth comes a tiger. it is beautiful with a wonderful orange and black silky fur coat, sharp teeth and pointy ears. the tiger stares at the food in the boys hand (he’s just returned from Wimpy).

the beast tells the boy that his family is starving and asks if he would be kind enough to give his food to the baby tigers so that they can survive. the boy agrees to help but after he wanders deeper into the jungle the tigers eat him because they don’t like the fries.

the moral of the story: don’t trust any tiger, especially ones that speak.

it’s the people that don’t speak much that are the most dangerous though. at the Bury match the other week I spotted a poor man wandering about in a stetson and shorts looking like he was dreaming that he owned the place. i thought that they’d been filming the sequel to Brokeback Mountain at the point in their lives when they’ve tucked into one too many Dominos pizzas.

he looked too busy to talk to people but you just never know what he’s thinking as he weaves in and out of the fans walking to the ground, moaning about ticket prices. he could be the kind of person who means harm and could perhaps sell the ground to build an ice rink or something. or on the other hand, he could be like the return of Jesus Christ, spreading joy, happiness and success to every corner of the globe but mainly this football club.

i don’t think it’s a coincidence that now that I’m a die hard Bury fan and watch matches now and again that somebody Jesuslike is now wandering around our ground. i don’t often talk about my mother as it is difficult for me to speak of her without the tears running as I picture her working in the mills but she always said that wherever I would go, as long as I was kind, Jesus would follow and protect me.

because of this, I would like to invite this strange travelling man to come and stay with me in my student accommodation which may only just surpass the dinginess that this man may be used to but will always have a warm bed, running water and a never ending supply of tissues for him to enjoy. sometimes I may be in the bed with a woman but it’s better than sleeping with the enemy which in his case is probably dirty drug eating crack whore bitches. hopefully he’ll accept my offer and we can soon be listening to Gangster rap together and wishing for better times where we are both loved and trusted by all.

thank you mother. you were loved.

good luck Bury fans!

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Shakersfan said...

Keep 'em coming Odebayo. Don't stop cos you've been banned by the official site.