Thursday, February 02, 2006

a poem for the plagued

hello Bury fans!

it has come to my attention that some of you haven’t been happy with some of the comments in my blog having posted on what is known as the Official Bury FC message board that I recently discovered and now, having done my research I think I perhaps understand what all the fuss was about.

i didn’t realise that bringing up Bruce Grobbelaar would be such a touchy subject until I discovered that he once cost Bury a game at Birmingham when he was covering for the regular goalkeeper. for this I apologise but thankfully he isn’t Nigerian as that would tarnish by birth country’s name.

before coming to England to study I didn’t realise how seriously you took your football. back home, if the referee annoyed somebody, the fans would just shoot him and not think of the consequences for their club. Jeff Winter would be a dead man, no matter the season.

i think I should also use this website as a forum to discuss something that is close to my heart (but thankfully not too close) and that is the AIDS situation on my continent.

AIDS is no laughing matter. i regularly support AIDS research charities such as the one at this link and like to find out about the latest news. i sometimes even write poetry such as this one. i trust you’ll like it.

AIDS. You once took away a friend.
My heart, now it will not mend.
Leave this Earth well alone.
And return the smiles that you took from home.

AIDS. Why do you hurt us so?
Leaving us lifeless in the snow.*
Empty souls looking down from the trees.
Where is our help? God help us please.

By Rudi Odebayo

* this is a Nigerian with the disease who has managed to fund a skiing trip to Austria.

AIDS should not be swept under the carpet and people should be made aware of it. if it is not discussed, how can we pull together in the same direction? my Uncle Ben always wore long trousers and it was believed that he was born with three legs but he was never asked to reveal his extra one and it was never talked about until he won the village sack race and was rewarded with the keys to the local rice factory. my other uncle, Joe said that we shouldn’t be ashamed of him and we should celebrate the differences between people and handed out mints to everybody, but my third uncle didn’t agree so we left him to fester.

despite being a bit grumpy, he had some very successful motivational techniques for the local football team that he managed. he used to make the lazier players wear barbed wire underpants and this kept them on their toes. on my last visit to Gigg Lane, Dwayne Mattis seemed to have a similar problem and could perhaps benefit from such a revolutionary idea. either that or the cattle prod which my uncle used to use on his wife to get her in and out of bed.

good luck Bury fans!

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