Saturday, December 17, 2005

magazine star?

hello Bury fans! i hope you are all getting ready for Christmas and buying your loved ones some beautiful gift such as fruit baskets and jewellery.

i noticed that the price of gold had gone up recently and back home in Nigeria, my grandfather managed to get enough gold dust together on the farm to make a coin the size of a five pence piece. this turned out to be pretty worthless as no coins in Nigeria are made out of solid gold and when he tried to use it during a visit over here, it got stuck in the metrolink ticket machine.

the last bit of gold I touched turned out to be chocolate. nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate but you can’t buy a laptop in Cheetham Hill with Cadburys. i wouldn’t have two legs for long if I tried to do that there. it would ruin my nickname from back home which was ‘Tripod’.

we just use the bus nowadays and I sent my visiting nephew to Gigg Lane on Friday as he was seeking work on a match day during his Christmas stay with me. i suggested that he ask for a trial at the club and a kind woman told him how to get there as he was a bit lost. he said that she had really bad breath and was a bit dizzy but thankfully he said he didn’t think she was a local so she won’t be offended as she’ll never get to see what I type here. my heart sinks when I hear comments like that from him.

hopefully I’ll have a nice surprise when I visit a Bury game in a few months. i heard all about the new Shakers magazine ‘16 nil’ which will soon be published and suggested to the clubs media manager Gordon Sorfleet that it would be a super idea if a picture of me could be on the first ever front cover. i suggested that it would be good for the club to celebrate the first ever Nigerian to visit Gigg Lane.

he said that he was trying to get a good scan of the photograph of himself in his Bury shirt stood next to Saddam Hussein whom he met on holiday in Tenerife a few years ago. failing that, he promised that he’d make me the cover star! i can’t wait to see how this develops! it would be a dream to feature in such a magazine before I’ve graduated, find myself heavily in debt and working in an old peoples home.

good luck Bury fans!

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