Saturday, December 10, 2005

hello i'm Rudi Odebayo!

hello and welcome to my blog! a special warm welcome to all Bury fans and Nigerian people. with the use of modern technology, people back home in my own country (Nigeria) will now be able to read about me. by the time my grandfathers internet has connected in Lagos, i could well have graduated or had children.

for those of you that don't know me, my name is Rudi Odebayo and i moved over to Manchester from my home in Nigeria to study at university. whilst here, as you do, i decided to become a Bury fan, a side who hold the record for the biggest FA Cup final victory when we beat Derry City 16-0 in 1993.

not many people in Nigeria know about Bury Football Club. in fact, not many people in Nigeria have heard that you can now buy food in exchange for goats in some of the more modern supermarkets across Nigeria (mainly in the South).

i began to post about my love of all things Bury FC on the message board, a place that is bustling with life and love. they seemed to welcome me there and appreciate that not every black man is a big cock. that is what a friend of mine said to me whilst i was drunk on the job.

i have not been online much recently as a friend of mine was visiting me from back home (Nigeria) and he hurt himself in a horrible skate accident.

i had taken him to the Sealife centre and he was a bit giddy and fell into one of the tanks, cracking his head open at the bottom and getting his legs tangled up in one of the giant sea creatures tails. the blood poured from his wounds and poisoned a number of the fish. he didn't make it to the Cheltenham game that i promised to take him to as he didn't want people to look at his bandaged scalp and think that all Nigerians are vicious violent thugs or that he was promoting the latest 'look' straight 'outa Rochdale's ghettos.

i told him that he looked like Butcher in the World Cup but he said he didn't have enough make-up on, wasn't a homo and had more than one expression. i think the blow to his head has caused him to get confused.

good luck Bury fans!

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jim clark said...

Hi RUDI greetings from freezing Hamburg,great that you support Bury keep doing so!!Do you like Horseracing? if so check out my homepage at all the best jc